Awaken your 0-2 year old baby's hidden geniuses & potential

in only 5 Minutes-A-Day of daily, screenfree activities

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(Batch will be from Thursday to Sunday. There will be 30 minutes of recorded videos daily and one live webinar on Sunday)

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  • The amazing abilities in your baby and how to help them access their hidden potential before the age of 2?
  • ​How it's possible to unlock your baby’s fullest talents before they are lost through “synaptic pruning”?
  • ​How the ‘Prodigy Framework’ can be used to awaken your baby's unconscious genius so that they can lead a life full of health, wealth and happiness?
  • ​How to keep your baby away from pressures and stress of schoolwork in their life?
  • ​The 3 Secrets to help your baby start achieving results that are bigger, better, and faster.

Note: The intro program will cover all the fundamentals of our programs and will also give you a small sample of activities for you to do. After finishing the intro program, you will be able to continue your journey with us with our longer, advanced programs as well.

Do You Want Success & Happiness For Your Child?

While we can't guarantee this (nobody can!), we can prepare you and your child for the best chance at life!

Why are some people always good in studies or sports or arts or music throughout their life?

It's because they develop their fundamental skills and abilities while they are very, very small.. and they then carry these talents throughout their life.

You can help your baby start developing amazing, unbelievable talents, right from birth without any pressure, with just 5 minutes of daily activities with no screentime!

Here are some of the things our babies have learnt via our programs:

  • Crawling at 3 months (instead of 7-8 months) - for an early start to walking (belly crawling, not on all fours)
  • Walking at 8 months (instead of 12-14 months) - for a life of superior sports abilities
  • Reading at 24 months (instead of at 6 years) - for a lifetime of academic excellence
  • Beautiful singing at 18 months
  • ​Using 200+ vocabulary by 18 months
  • ​Exemplary memory, mental math, intelligence, creativity, and confidence!

Note: All the above results have been achieved with our programs, and all testimonials on this page are real. However, results vary from parent to parent and are not guaranteed. Our programs are child-led and pressure-free - we don't test our babies in any way, and do not force them to achieve any milestones.

Prodigy Programs have been done by more than 100,000+ parents across 150+ countries...

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You're not the first one to do our programs! Look at what our parents from 150+ countries around the world have to say after they go through our Prodigy Baby Programs...


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We are super confident about our programs, and this faith comes from the 1000s of reviews we have got from our parents.

However, if you're one of the rare parents who don't learn anything new from us, we would be highly surprised, but, we will refund you your full money back, no-questions asked (anytime before your program ends).

So, why wait?! It's risk free! Join us now, and try it for yourself. 

Awaken your 0-2 year baby's hidden potential.. with easy, 5 Minutes-A-Day of daily, screenfree activities.

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