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Help your 0-2 year old baby discover their unconscious genius & hidden talents

(Learn how to do this in an easy, fun, manner with just 5 minutes per day, no pressure & zero screentime for your baby!)
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Our company Raising Superstars Has Featured In:

Our company Raising Superstars Has Featured In:

Join my Weekend Program & Unleash Your Baby’s Hidden Genius Potential

How does it work?

  • ​You will join a 4 day online Weekend Cohort (Thu-Sun) where we give you daily videos (watch at your own pace and schedule) and also place you in a community of other parents of your Cohort

What will you get?

  • ​Discover your baby's amazing abilities and help them access their hidden potential before the age of 2
  • ​​Learn how it's possible to unlock your baby’s fullest talents before they are lost through “synaptic pruning”
  • ​Explore how the ‘Prodigy Framework’ can be used to awaken your baby's unconscious genius so that they can lead a life full of health, wealth and happiness
  • ​Learn how to keep your baby away from pressures of schoolwork and help them be happy and stress-free

Plus, these awesome bonuses!

  • Bonus #1: The 3 Secrets to help your baby start achieving results that are bigger, better, and faster
  • Bonus #2: Your very own community of highly engaged, like-minded parents to share your journey with
  • Bonus #3: The 3 Superstar rules that you need to know to understand exactly what is going on inside your baby's mind

Babies can achieve amazing feats, even at a young age! Check out what other parents have helped their babies with after going through the Prodigy Programs:

All of these have been achieved with our programs*:
Crawling at 3 months (instead of at 8 months)
Walking at 8 months (instead of at 12 months)
Reading at 24 months (instead of at 6 years)
Singing in perfect harmony at 24 months
Using 200+ word vocabulary at 18 months instead of average of 20 words
Extraordinary memory, athleticism, intelligence, creativity, independence and much, much more!!!!

What secrets will you discover in the program?

    Secret 1

    How to naturally retain your baby's ability stones so that they are set for a life of health, wealth, and happiness!

    Secret 2

    How the Prodigy Framework uses just 5 minutes per day to awaken a baby's unconscious genius and hidden potential!

      Secret 3

      What to do to keep your baby away from stress and pressures of schoolwork and lead a joyous, happy and superstar life forever!

      1000s of Families Have Already

      Taken Advantage Of The
      Prodigy Baby Program

      Let's look at what parents just like you are saying about this program :)

      Who Is the Prodigy Program for?

      • Working Moms: Cut through your time constraints and give your baby the boost with just 5 mins each day!
      • First Time Moms: Parenting can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first time mom. Join the program chosen by 27,683+ parents for their newborn babies.
      • Stay at Home Moms: Engage your baby in fun filled activities that they will absolutely love while igniting their hidden potential!
      • Pro-active Dads: Superdads are our favorite! You too can do the program at your own time without any stress!
      • Guardians: There is no formula to raising a baby but, there is a framework to do so. Join us to raise a prodigy baby.
      If your baby is less than 2 years old, and you wish to give them the best gift of their life, this program is for you!

      A little about us: Raghav & Shraddha Himatsingka

      I am a Stanford University graduate, tech entrepreneur and father of a beautiful boy named Prabal. Soon after I became a father, I found there’s a lack of a system in the market to raise a well-rounded, happy baby who would never have to face the struggles of learning in life. 

      I devoted 2000+ hours of my time to discover the secrets of learning acceleration for my son by studying 60 years of research in 75+ books, videos and films. That’s how I took on a mission to unlock the miraculous abilities in babies of the age of 0 to 2 years and founded my company Raising Superstars along with my wife Shraddha Himatsingka. We are now on a mission to help more than 1 million parents awaken the unconscious geniuses in their babies and make their life a lot more meaningful and effortless.

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      All testimonials are real. The results obtained by others applying our principles do not guarantee that you or any other person will be able to obtain similar results. By visiting this website or interacting with any of the portions of this website, you agree that you’re fully responsible for the outcomes that may result.

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